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Championing a fresh, modern style with an eclectic fury of wide musical influences; BROMIE is an emerging dance & pop artist currently on his way up in the global music scene.

Pop-perfect melodies, euphoria-dripped electronic soundscapes and emotional songwriting weave stories through his songs. BROMIE looks to break the flimsy boundaries of contemporary pop, crafting an entirely new sound that is distinctly his. 

Growing up he was hugely influenced by the guitar-fueled sounds of emo and pop-punk music. Soon delving into the worlds of EDM and pop. This diverse range of inspirations shines through in his meticulously modern sound that fuses lush guitar lines with show-stopping electronic drops and rich, emotive vocals. 

Current Projects

BROMIE released his debut single “All I Have” on May 29th. The emotional track showcases the artist’s uncanny ability to tap directly into the hearts of listeners with beautiful songwriting that sings with clarity. 

His second release “Fool 4 U” came out on July 22nd featuring Julia Ross on vocals. The infectious pop-perfect anthem is the perfect compliment to anyone going through the trials and tribulations of love, or even simply people looking for something to dance to. 

BROMIE’s music is difficult to pigeonhole due to the flurry of different genres he infuses into each track. Often flipping between an array of styles from pop, hip-hop, folk, EDM and everything in between. Just a few of his influences include Deadmau5, Skrillex, Max Martin and Benny Blanco. What sets him apart is his innate skill at bringing forward and innovating the modern sound into something entirely new whilst still appealing to the masses. 


The story of BROMIE’s rise into music is anything but average. Born and raised in Minsk, Belarus he moved out to San Francisco in the early 2000’s, soon developing a love for emo and pop-punk music. This drove him to pick up the guitar and piano as he became immersed in the local scene playing in various bands. 

He lost his mother in a car accident in the late 2000’s. It was around this time he began becoming more involved in the creation side of music. Picking up music production after being inspired by EDM and crafting his own songs from scratch. 

In 2014, BROMIE moved out to Los Angeles to work in the film industry before returning back to music and relocating to Long Beach in 2019. 2020 saw the release of his debut single after three years of writing and producing demos. He’s since released two singles with 8 more in the works for this year. BROMIE plans to keep a busy release schedule for the next few years.